Forex courses

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With hours of videos containing my tips and knowledge, these courses are designed to equip you with the information and skills needed to succeed in the Forex Market.

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or pursue Forex Trading full-time, these Forex Courses will set you on the right path.

Learn to Trade

Beginners Forex Course

Hosted on Udemy & Whop

The Complete Forex Trading Course for Beginners 2024 is the only course you’ll need to master Currency Trading!

In this comprehensive course aimed at complete newbies, I’ll cover all of the essential stuff you need to Trade Forex successfully.

I’ll cover everything from pips and points to margin and leverage. I’ll even introduce you to Algo Trading.

Learn Day Trading

Hosted on Udemy

In this Day Trading Course, I’ll show you how to divide the market into sections which we will use as decision points. Then you simply make the decision – to either buy or sell.

Of course, you can’t – and won’t be right every time, so what happens then? You lose money?

No. You can actually learn to make money even when you’re wrong!

Learn Swing Trading

Swing Trade

Hosted on Udemy & Whop

This Swing Trading Course is super simple and even a novice trader can follow it with ease.

I’ll explain Mean Reversion – and show you the Powerful Swing Trading Strategy I built around it.

By utilizing the principle of ‘Market Stretch’ you can find some amazing entry points.

I’ll also show you how to recover losing trades!