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Day Trading Strategy that can WIN even when you’re WRONG

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  • You should already have a good basic understanding of trading and ideally have been trading for at least a few months
  • You should know how to install and use MetaTrader 5
  • You should be familiar with TradingView and know how to do basic things like draw lines and customise charts (The free version of TradingView is fine)
  • You will need money to trade with, or a demo account with a reputable broker (A suitable broker is recommended in the course)
  • You will need a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone (android recommended) in order to trade
  • You’ll need a stable internet connection to place and manage trades


  • In this short course I’ll teach you a very simple yet effective Trading Strategy using no indicators at all, just price and levels
  • I’ll introduce you to an instrument called the Dow Jones Industrial Average (US30, DJ30), an incredible instrument that moves 600 points per day on average!
  • You will learn several simple Risk Management strategies to be used along with the simple trading strategy
  • I’ll show you some fantastic Free Resources to help make trading easier
  • I will recommend a fantastic Forex Broker that provides the best leverage and spreads on the US30 (the instrument you’ll be learning to trade).

About this Strategy:

Like all of the strategies I have developed, this one is super simple and even a novice trader can master it with ease.

I’ll show you how to divide the market into sections which we will use as decision points. Then you simply make the decision – to buy or sell.

Of course, you can’t – and won’t be right every time, so what happens then? You lose money?

No. Not always.

I believe traders can learn to manage their way out of most situations by sticking to a simple plan and using logical decision points in the market. Although losses do happen from time to time with this system – as with any system. If done right, they will be controlled, recoverable and few.

This strategy has a very high win rate, which most new and struggling traders will find easier to cope with than some traditional strategies.